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Our Expertise:

Logistics Management and Cargo Transport Services.


Transportation Consulting Services

Improve efficiency and cut costs on all of your company's transportation needs &ndash or simply on individual projects and shipments &ndash by trusting our experienced management team to provide your company with objective guidance, whether you are a first time importer or experienced shipper.

Our wide range of service capabilities allows us to recommend practical, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. Our significant industry knowledge and contacts give us the ability to act as a third party negotiator for your company to minimize costs and maximize your transportation investment.


Vessel Chartering and Supervision

Experienced brokers ensure specific cargo needs are precision handled whether shipping for import or export, Dry Cargo or Liquid, domestic or international destinations, and consist of a full vessel or part lot.

Plus, we are onboard every vessel from departure to arrival at your cargo destination. Since 1998, we have been the exclusive Supercargo/Port Captain on all Mintrans, Ltd. Vessels inbound from China.

Freight rates are based on a variety of factors including route, quantity, product type, and other details in order to provide you with the most cost-efficient logistics and transportation solution. Our highly skilled operations managers use the latest technology to ensure successful, on-time shipments, every time.


Route Planning and Design

Your company will reap the benefits of the quickest, most-cost efficient routes available, thanks to our staff’s 16 years of experience in route planning and design.


Barge Booking and Scheduling

Flexible, reliable barge service to and from the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the U.S. inland water system. We customize your shipment to meet your required parameters and deadlines, and using our vast knowledge of the industry, complete your shipment on time and without mishap.


Partner and Equipment Procurement

Getting the job done within the requirements of your shipment is often made possible by providing our clients with access to our resources, the most reliable logistics and cargo transport partners in the industry. Equipment manufacturers, chemical processors, or whatever it takes to make it happen.



Our clients have come to rely on 905 Logistics for high productivity, shorter vessel turn time, and damage-free handling using the stevedore, transloading, and storage capabilities we provide. All of your company’s needs can be efficiently met anywhere in the U.S. inland waterway system.


Inland transport

As licensed and bonded brokers, we can offer clients competitive rail and trucking services throughout North America, including bulk shipping, break-bulk, packaged, and containerized cargo. Our carefully cultivated relationships with inland transport partners allow us cost-efficient access to the vast network of North American rail systems, providing clients with door-to-door or ramp-to-ramp rail/van service to and from the continent’s major cities.


Warehousing and Inventory Management

Full-service warehousing is available to our customers through our sister company BMW. Because of this unique relationship, we can offer clients the highest quality warehousing, and inventory management and reporting, to meet even the strictest shipping and storage budgets.


Chemical Processing

If your shipments require additional processing, we have the resources to help, including experts in the refinement of raw materials.


Special cargoes

“Non-traditional” cargoes are not a problem for 905 Logistics. Oversized equipment, special containers, and storage requirements and other unusual shipments are normally facilitated without problems. By working closely with your company and our proven industry partners, we find a logistics solution to meet your needs and your budget. Services may include ocean carriage, cargo transfer, and inland movements by either water or ground transportation.

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